Frustrated? What holidays look like after Coronavirus Lockdown?

Travel, the luxury many of us took for granted up till March 2020. The question is what does ‘travel’ mean in the new era, and are we all on board?

Travel has never felt more needed. The despair that surfaced during the lockdown Corona crisis to swap the four walls that kept us safe in isolation for the white-washed stone of a Spanish villa. From the exotic hotel rooms to temperature checks at the airport, what will the holiday look like post-corona lockdown?

We all witnessed, that travel as we know it has changed for the nearest future. The weekend breaks to European cities, cheap as chips Airbnb hostels are gone. We all come to terms with long quarantines, health checks, and new levels of hygiene placed everywhere from public places to the private offices.

The good or sad news is, that the desire to travel hasn´t vanished. Numerous surveys indicate most people can´t wait to get traveling again. According to Skyscanner’s poll, out of 2,274 adults, a third want to travel ´as soon as it´s safe and restrictions allow`. A survey of Cosmopolitan UK found, that 54% of readers hope to go on holiday this year.

In October 2019, I and my friends committed ourselves to save up money, save up vacations, and planned an adventurous trip across Iceland. Not surprisingly, Corona lockdown changed our plans. When borders started reopening and last-minute departure to Iceland was still possible, something happened. Corona lockdown change my desire.

My priorities shifted and when borders re-opened, I knew exactly what the perfect holidays will look like for me – Family, home and my freedom enjoying it all, but this time to the fullest.

It´s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times

I enjoyed the simples activities, moments with family, and alone time to reconnect with the world I know. The desire to explore unknown places, countries, and nature replaced the desire to calm down and celebrate what I already have around me. But as it was said already- I took it for granted.

Have a look through my simple moments. I can say with great certainty and absolute honesty – it was one of the best holidays ever <3

Traveling from Denmark to Slovakia by train through Germany

To avoid flight cancelation, I preferred to take the train through Germany.
Travel safety regulations did not make it easier. But then again-We are all responsible for protecting ourselves and others! 

Weekend canoe trip in the Czech Republic

Beautiful nature, calm river, and hours on the canoe could not be a more refreshing holiday kick-start.
Magic happens when you go camping- fire story-telling, sounds of trees and drunk friends:)

Time to go home-Trebišov, Slovakia

I can´t say that I did not spend time in a hotel. Mama Hotel is the greatest!
Morning Yoga in my mom´s beautiful garden? Bali yoga retreat no more needed!
Time to read. Why so serious? Challenged by “Why I am not a Feminist” by Jessa Crispin.
Every morning I went back to my teenage running route.
I love shopping with my mom. She looks for weird and unique pieces. She wanted me to buy this transparent “jacket” because it is “so ugly, that it´s actually beautiful” 😀 Leave your comment on that, please!

When you think there is nothing else to discover

Košice, the largest city in eastern Slovakia. I love walking around a Gothic cathedral of St Elisabeth. It is Slovakia‘s largest church and one of the easternmost Gothic cathedrals in Europe.
The original Little Mermaid is located in Copenhagen. This one is located in Domaša and I think much more mesmerizing than the original. Only that we Slovaks can´t sell it as good;)
Visited Chateau Grand Bari in Tokaj wine-growing area. It´s one of the five areas in the world where it is possible to grow the grapevines to produce naturally sweet wines. Here in Eastern Slovakia, we call it “Tuscany of Zemplín“.

One of the most precious moments. Playing the guitar with my super-talented Dad

That was the sweet end of my HOME HOLIDAY 2020.

Back to Denmark

Before returning to work, I had a moment to reflect on the unplanned summer holidays of this year, which turned out to be a well-spent quality time with my family. How Coronavirus reshaped my values and priorities? I realized, that in the time of crisis, we desire only one- the well being of our loved ones and enjoy every moment possible with them. Because nowadays, we can´t take anything for granted- walking in the favorite city center, shopping with your mom, being strong enough to do yoga or go to the gym, going for a glass of wine and socialize on the cozy terrace. Corona taught me to get up in the morning and be grateful for the simplest moments of life each and every day. Once you put meaning on them, you can have the vacation anywhere <3


  • I love your post and I love the jacket that your mom chose for you 🙂 If you don’t like it, I definitely know one friend who’d love to have it aahha. Thank you so much for sharing your reflection with us, so great reading it. The way we travel is changed forever, with no doubt.

    • Thank you for your feedback Adriana! You are completely right- travel has changed! Haha! If you liked the jacket, I would send it to you. I´ll wait for the reader who wants it directly:) Take care dear and sending kisses from Copenhagen <3

  • Great insights Martina 🙂 I’m glad you had so nice time with your family in Slovakia. Maybe after this crisis there will be one good thing – people will notice again real values in their lives and therefore appreciate simple things more. Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Tymek! Thank you for your comment and let´s hope we all take something positive out of this pandemic. I am very grateful I could visit my family and I hope you are doing well too! take care Tymek:)

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