About Me

The story behind the Empowerment Journey

Passion for Writing and Humanity

Welcome! My name is Martina, but my family and friends call me Tina. I love writing, humanity, and fairness.  So I write because I want to say something to other people and secretly hope, that it will benefit you in some way. The aim is to offer not necessarily pleasant or easy insights into the familiar, unfamiliar, or just descriptions of the world – which is sometimes a good, unfair, or exciting place. Moreover, to expand our horizons towards more truth, justice, and awareness. Because by empowering ourselves first, we can find the strength to give back to our world in our own way.

Community Engagement

Besides my passion for writing, I aspire to get the Empowerment Journey Association to get going and start contributing to the local community of Copenhagen. The EJ Association is in its early days and already kicked off the first activity “Empowerment Women Circle”. Read more about the project here. More actions are about to be taken and with your support, we can grow bigger faster. Like, comment, contribute- all ideas are welcome.

What is the story behind the EJ Association?

Personal Drive

Originally, I come from Slovakia, where I lived until I pursued a Bachelor in Law. During my studies, I realized I would love to try living abroad, so I packed my things and left for Denmark.

I took a risk and in 2015 I moved to Denmark. I worked as a dishwasher for a year until I got accepted to the University to finish my dream Master´s Program. This would open the door to a career in the Human Rights sector. 

I completed a Master in International Security and Law at the University of Southern Denmark in 2018. This is where my life as a student officially ended and the real-life had begun. In the meantime, I fell in love with Denmark, its culture, people, and decided to kick-off my career in the NGOs sector.

In March 2020, I started my blog  Empowerment Journey. The blog represents a place where I share my journey as an ex-pat living in the beautiful capital of Denmark.  But primarily, I explore topics that I am passionate about.  Discussing and raising awareness on gender inequalities, feminism, discrimination, racism, and personal development. 

Through my journey as an ex-pat for almost 5 years, I have gained a whole new perspective on my personal life and world. The blog was the beginning of exploring and shaping my own perspective on the topics that matter.

Turning Words into Action.

By empowering myself first I could start empowering others. The EJ Association embodies the desire of making an impact on the community and turns my written words into real-life action.

Follow, support, contribute, and join this empowerment journey.