Celebrating Small Accomplishments

I am happy to share with you some good news! If you do not know yet, Empowerment Journey is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. As an expat myself, I also dream to raise awareness about the topics, issues and stories that exapts of Denmark have to deal with on daily basis.

Writer for The International Denmark Magazine

I am extremely happy for the opportunity to join the Writers’ Team. The International is an independent publication that presents compelling stories and useful content aimed to assist expats, internationals, and repats in their adjustment to life in Denmark.

August Issue is out and back in print, but for those who can´t grab a copy, you can always read uplifting and useful content on their website


Anybody can find some inspiration, interesting stories, events, and advice that can be useful wherever you live.

This month I contributed to the “Feel-good stories of Denmark” and thus shared an amazing action taken by the Filipino Community in Denmark. They decided to turn words into action and left a powerful message when they started #supportourhealthworkersindenmark, to unite people in supporting Filipino medical workers and other nationalities on the frontline, who had long shifts and no time to buy or make food.

Check out their online Issue and find more articles for more inspiration. Here you can find a glimpse of how the good-stories of Denmark can inspire anybody to take any action because anything is possible if you WANT<3


Thank you all for your support! Empowerment Journey is slowly growing and better projects are yet to come! Cheers!

With love, Tina

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