Summer Reads Inspiration

Link Hoang

Who is going to be reading along with us this summer? Let’s create our own happy ending and let the book share perspectives that can change us and our world.


Sex & World Peace

For summer 2020 we are choosing Sex&World Peace by Valerie M. Hudson, Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Mary Caprioli, and Chad F. Emmet, over a story with a happy ending.

@emmawatson Thank you so much for sharing this book with those of us who are continuing in search for answers as you are!

This significant and sobering book makes a credible case that the world will never know lasting peace until there is equality between men and women.

The authors share first-hand stories of abuse and discrimination by women all over the world, supported by data collected on the status of women in every country.

Provided empirical evidence is descriptive and mostly it supports the claim that when women are treated equally in society-society flourishes.

Whose Story is This?

“There is always enough for everyone, if you share it properly, or if it has been shared properly before you get there. There is enough food, enough love, enough homes, enough time, enough crayons, enough people to be friends with each other.”

Written by Rebecca Solnit

Sometimes the most important question we can ask about history or a story is who isn’t represented there? Who benefits the most from the story being told this way? Rebecca Solnit’s writing is eloquent and generous and we are savoring every word she writes.

This book was pick from the reads inspiration on Our Shared Shelf. Check it Out.


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