No More Rubbish. No More Excuses.

“If You Want to Change the World, Start with Yourself”


Science shows that small changes can make a big difference. I do believe we have the power to change the world without breaking the bank. I am super excited to learn and apply the most impactful changes we can make in our everyday life.

We already started. But it is simply not enough.

We enjoyed 2 hours free kayaing through Copenhagen channels and collected 2 kg of floating trash from the water.

Green Kayak is an environmental NGO giving people an opportunity to act against ocean pollution in a fun way. Anyone can jump on their Green Kayak for free (bear in mind, just renting the kayak in Copenhagen for fun is not cheap fun). They have two conditions:

  • you need to collect the waste while spending time on the water
  • you must share your experience on social media using #greenkayak

Their mission statement is inspiring:

“We are building a global network of GreenKayaks to offer everyone a way to act on behalf of the environment. We believe in educating on the issue of environmental pollution and encouraging people to take the learnings to their every-day.” – Green Kayak

We did have fun and we did collect the waste

Unfortunately, just for one day back in summer 2019. It felt good- meaningful way to spend our free time, plus we help the planet. And there it stopped. Coming back to featured books to start my conscious every-day living towards the green planet, not just occasionally.

But where to start?

So much information and ways to change your everyday habits that collectively pollute our earth. First question. Is it even worth it, doing it alone? The good news is, so many NGOs, projects and movements have already started the job and many more people are changing their habits and joining the initiatives.

To not get overwhelmed, I decided to start with things I am already aware of, that are not environmentally friendly. It is the way I shop, collect trash, and eat.

In the upcoming article, I will share with you the project I have already started many years ago. But I also got back to greedy- materialist old ways of mine- SHOPPING. My closet and wardrobe is an example of unconscious acquisition of clothes and things. Capsule Wardrobe Project 333 is a new challenge. The idea is to limit your clothing items to 33 pieces – including shoes, jackets, bags, and accessories. Can I wear just 33 pieces all over again in this upcoming Autumn?

From creating my Capsule Wardrobe, everyday outfits ideas, conscious shopping, a minimalist breeze in the closet to helping the environment?

Let´s the Project 333 begin and find out, that living with less is actually more!


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