Are You Ready for Love? When Someone is for You, You’ll Know.

Written by Tina Popadak



When someone is for you, you’ll now.

Did you know?

What do I know?

My early twenties were all about being single, insecure, and unstable when it came to romantic commitment and relationships.

I knew that it was the right time to pull myself together before I would meet a potential partner and mess up again. Wanting to avoid another unsuccessful relationship, this time I promised myself to ‘marry myself first, before I get into a new relationship.’

The concept is about using the time of being single and building a healthy relationship with oneself, accepting past mistakes, learning to love your own imperfections and using the extra free time to pursue your own passions, hobbies and goals.

. . .

I expected that when I was finally at peace with myself and a new imaginary man stepped into my life, I would enter a new relationship without any unresolved self-issues which would be negatively impactful.

What really happened?

What really happened was, that I met him just in the middle of it all. We jumped into a honeymoon phase that for a time, overshadowed by my unresolved problems with myself.

Finally, the phase ended, and all my insecurities came out on the surface, bringing out all the negativity between the two of us. He saw my vulnerability, weaknesses and all the bad sides of me. He did not judge, he did not give up on me, instead, he was patient, supportive and the only believer that the goddess in me will come back again, once I rediscover her within me first.

. . .

What I learned is that there is never the right timing or a good stage of your life when you feel in harmony or happy with yourself. That imaginary green light, which tells “yes, now you can allow yourself to love someone and be loved”.

You never are a finished picture. As we change and grow throughout our entire life, your partner and your relationship is changing with you.

So what is it about falling in love and committing yourself then?

It is about that once you meet that person and fall in love, get through the honeymoon phase and get to know the challenges and darker sides, you decide to not give up. You decide to understand, respect, support and love each other’s imperfections.

One day, if you meet that person who is dedicated to go through ups and downs with you, whose love does not stop when you are at your worst, do not let him go just because you are a mess.

Be vulnerable, be a mess, be a goddess, be a human being worth of receiving the love that you deserve.

. . .