Women Who Break the Rules

“I am willing to see the magnificence of me. I join the ranks of women healing other women. I am a blessing to the planet. My future is bright and beautiful.”

Louise Hay

Empowering Women

I admire women who take ownership of their self-love, self-worth, self-esteem and powerful and rightful place in this world. Since early childhood, I have dreamed to become one of them, because I understood, that when we learn to love ourself it empowers us to believe in our dreams an ability to achieve anything.

Today, all women, including me and you, have been blamed and shamed since our childhood. We have been programmed by our society to think and behave in certain ways. To be women, with all the rules, expectations, and frustrations that come with simply being a woman. Some of us play that role, but there are many of us who do not.

For so long, women have been subjected to the belief systems of men. We were told what we could do, how we could do it, and when. I remember, in my free time as an 8 years old girl, I played football with my brother and friends from the neighbourhood. I really enjoyed it and wanted to join some proper football training so I could also participate in the real school competitions. Back then, my hometown was offering football clubs or training mostly for boys. One day, I approached the gym class teacher, if I could join the school football training for boys, since there were no girls training. The teacher tried to be nice but recommended: ” You are very welcome to join our training, but I do not think you can keep up with the boys” At that moment I felt, that even though I could join, how would boys accept me as an equal part of the team then? I never trained football again only from time to time when my brother would let me join the street game. As a young girl, I accepted that women can never be good football players or at least as good as men. I accepted that it is normal and there are things only boys do and things only girls do. This is one of the examples of how we learn our patterns- accepting and repeating the beliefs and behaviors we were dictated by our society.

Learning Experience

It took me a very long time to realize that this behavior was not normal, nor I as a woman deserved it. Slowly, I changed my own inner system of beliefs – my consciousness- and I began to create my self-worth and self-esteem. Inner self-worth and self-esteem are some of the most precious things a woman can possess. If we lack these qualities, the good thing is, we can and need to develop them. Only with the strong self-worth, we will no longer accept positions of inferiority. We give in to domination from others only when we accept and believe that we are “no good” or “as good”.

Helping myself and helping others

I have gone quite a journey with my self-worth and confidence and yet I am not done and there is still a lot to work on. At the same time, I have always dreamed of helping women to become all that they can be and helping them to truly find a place of equality in the world. This is not to reduce men in any way, but rather to truly achieve “equality” between all genders, which benefits everyone. I believe that helping women with self-love and self-worth empowers them to follow their true selves and not let society limit their opportunities and options.

Inspirational women, mentors, teachers are only stepping-stones on our pathway of growth. It is us individuals, you and me, who can truly make that shift in consciousness. However, it will not happen over the night. Step by step, moment by moment and day by day – practice will get us where we want to be. I believe that we must learn and study with many teachers, mentors, and books, because no one person or system can encompass it all.

One of many empowering books

The “Empowering Women” by Luise Hay is just another book I collected on my journey of self-growth. There can never be enough new ideas, perceptions, and stories. Read it, absorb it, use it, and move on to other teachers.

This book is an invitation to live as fully and freely as we all deserve and to embody the joyful truth Louise expressed: We are in a period of wonderful evolution now!

Less talking more action

What is all the knowledge without application? I read, talk, and write but how does it reflect on my real life? If you already came all the way down here, then you probably thinking and recognizing some patterns and expectations of the society you come from. It depends and varies. I am from Slovakia, soon I will turn 30. By this time, as I was raised, I should be married and have at least the first child and of course a well-paid job. I still have not got a properly paid job, still living in a shared apartment, and owning only two bikes. And you know what? It is alright, because I am happy- where I am today, right here and right now. I do not feel there is something missing in my life. I am working hard, enjoying the journey, and embracing speed and milestones as they come naturally in my life. “Not as fast as they should”. According to whom? According to me – all is good.

Almost 30, still not settled, well, to prove my point I purchased the skateboard recently. Just surfing around as some boys did through the streets of my hometown when I was 15. I will surf with the speed and technique that I enjoy. Because it is me, who is standing on the skateboard called- My Life.


PS: This one is a very short book and right on the point. The hardest part is practice. The quicker you embrace the joy of saying “NO” the sooner you will have a happier, calmer, and more joyful life. Not there yet, but I am on it.

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