Women Need to Have Each Other’s Backs

“We need each other, sisters. If we are going to build a world that flourishes, we have to look at other women with compassion instead of judgement.”

– Jessica Honegger

Let me tell you a story about two women’s friendship. They were classmates in high school. Both were smart, funny and beautiful with a flair for sports and art, but they never were friends, even though they had so much in common. There was no machination or gossips behind their backs, but there was something in the air. It was that invisible wall they both built between themselves, preventing them to ever connect and interact on a more personal level. Even though they could and that kind of friendship could be meaningful and fruitful back then. Could be? They were just teenagers, maybe they needed time.

Unpredictable life, however, brought them back together in their mid-20s. Both graduated from the universities, began to build their careers from scratch. The friendship between these two grown-up women took on another level when they started to push each other further and further. The mutual support made them chase dreams, they would not dare to try alone. They were inspired and believed in each other, but this time, they were expressing it modestly. “Expressing it”, that is the lesson I learned from the story of me and today, I am grateful to say, one of my best friends.

The lesson from this story has a bigger meaning for me today. I realized, that if strong women are mutually supportive and happy about other´s success as it was their own, they become unstoppable ticking bomb. That is what we have become, growing stronger and confident together. Alone, we could be strong, but as the power of a grenade. It might be an exaggerated example of bomb and grenade, but this is how it feels- that much empowering like you can dare to do anything because you have each other´s back.

I am so blessed to have such amazing women around me and can call them my friends. I wish, we all could find that kind of wonder woman hero in every woman in the world, school, work or family, and stopped the competition and enviousness. Instead, we need to be happy when one of us is successful because next time it will be our own turn. When we have each other´s back, we do reach our own success easier and faster.

When women support each other, incredible things happen <3


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