We Are All One, We Are All Created Equally

Love yourself and take your power back.

Self-love does not mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic

We all think over 60,000 thoughts a day and the effect of our thoughts is cumulative. Science is finally agreeing with what many have known for years- negative thinking is making us sick and killing us.“We are all one, we are created equally”. How is that expression true, if there are poor and rich, beautiful and unattractive, brilliant and stupid, every race, every color, unlimited religions, and ways of looking at life.

Caroline Myss, the author, and lecturer gives a new level of comprehension: “The words we speak and the thoughts we think affect all our bodies equally.” The neuropeptides, the chemical messengers, travel through our bodies every time we speak or think a thought, and it affects us all in the same way.

A negative thought is as toxic to an American body as it is to an Italian body. Anger is toxic in Christian person is in a Muslim person or Jewish. Women, men, homosexuals, heterosexuals, the elderly, or children- all react Equally to the neuropeptides created by our process of thinking. Love and forgiveness are healing to us all, no matter what country we live in.

Are you willing to learn to forgive yourself and others? Are you willing to love yourself and others?

These are lessons of life and they affect us all equally. We are all one and love heal us all. What kind of thoughts are you having right now? Are your thoughts making you sick or well?

Learn to love yourself first and move on to loving the richness and fluffiness of life, people, and this world.

Empower yourself, empower others.

I chose to start with myself and never look back


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