Turning Thirty, written by Martina Popadakova


One of my strongest passions is writing, and people who know me well would sometimes make an off-the-cuff joke like: “You should write a book, Tina”. But it was especially my mother who had the idea to capture the ‘milestone’ (nice choice of words mum) of turning thirty.

My own story had never struck me as very inspirational, then I realised it is time to change my angle on it and rewrite that sh*t into something meaningful for myself and, mostly, for others who could relate and perhaps get inspired. The following pages offer less of a story and more of the short life lessons I have learnt throughout the past decade.

Before unlocking the third ‘milestone’ age of my life, join me on reflections and some lessons my life has taught me during my twenties. I chose ten of the most important ones, experiences that profoundly changed my approach to life, people, and mostly, the approach to myself. Enjoy reading about what turning thirty really means; a more confident, wise and assertive version of a still young, crazy and childish me.



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