The Struggle Behind the Scenes

Turning my weaknesses into strengths.

Long before I started to blog I wrote weekly and sometimes daily in a “diary”. More precisely, I started since I was 10 years old girl. I have kept a diary for my entire life. And at this point in my life I know it is something I will not ever loose or stop doing. It is not my daily habit, like drinking coffee or brushing my teeth , but it’s as much as part of my life as this blog, although a bit more secret…

I don’t think I’ll ever want to share everything from the particular notebook series throughout my teenage or early 20s years- that I call my diaries.

But I do not think there are all so private. When reading back “notes to myself” from recent years, I realized, I was a friend, a healer a mentor to myself. Through the process of self-reflection and awareness I was able to navigate myself. All by myself, by putting these thoughts on the paper.

To me these pages are not as private and do not reveal my innermost feelings, so I’m okay sharing them and will continue to when I can. I believe, they can inspire someone to cut through the struggles we all face sometimes. It just takes a hell of a time to cut through them and get on the other-positive side. If this can help you with the self-realization of your own ability to change something-then it is worthy of sharing it with you.

In the times of Covid, many people feel anxious, unsecured, unpatient..I found this note to myself from 2 years ago..when I was wanting it all, to keep up with fellow friends, to finish find the get settle.. the only thing I did not realize was- I just freshly graduated..

And all the rest will come, is coming. No pressure, no rush, just stay present and finish the first chapter.

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