Look Great, Feel Good, Be Conscious

Wearing only 33 pieces for 3 months? Project 333 proves it is possible.

September is taking over and has put warm summer nights, light clothes, and holidays to the end. It is a new month, a fresh mindset, and time to kick-start the Minimalist Wardrobe. This is the best season to experiment, especially when it comes to clothes. A variety of jackets, sneakers, jeans, skirts, blouses can be easily worn in the swing of warm and cold autumn temperatures.

Project 333

Inspired by Courtney Carver and her Project 333 promises that you can really BE more with LESS. Courtney published a practical and easy guide on how to create your Minimalist Wardrobe. In my last article, you can find a quick and easy video to understand the basic principles of the challenge.

What is the challenge about?

The ultimate goal is to change our everyday habits that make a negative impact on the planet. Shopping is one of them and Project 333 helps to get on the right path. The goal of the Minimalist Wardrobe is to stay mindful when it comes to shopping and urge to buy favorite clothes when on sale.

Knowing that you own everything you need for the season keeps you away from unnecessary purchases. Next time you walk into your favorite shop you will ask yourself:

” Do I really need this piece?”

Conscious shopping and fashion choices are small steps on the way to a sustainable lifestyle.

33 pieces of clothes for three months is very limiting

You might feel that the number 33 in your closet is limiting and worrying, what actually can you wear? Following video offers a glimpse of variety of outfits with the Minimalist Wardrobe I have created for myself. It shows 1 week variations and proves, that you can stay creative and different every day.

Truth to be told, I have not even combined all of 33 pieces yet. I can´t wait to combine and mix-match them all. 33 items are enough and you really get to wear all of them. Take a look at possible variations and creativity in the following video.

The project sounds challenging but in reality, it is very practical, time-saving, and mind freeing.

Let me know if you are up for this kind of challenge or you love your wardrobe and clothes too much to give up on them. For me, it was a long process switching my priorities, but when I think of an impact I can make as an individual, I feel motivated to become a Minimalist.


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