Feminists Don´t Wear Pink and #MeToo Moment in Denmark

What is all the Fuss about?

Feminists Don´t Wear Pink and other lies

This book is a great compilation of essays, poetry and thoughts from some amazing women, speaking about their perceptions of feminism. We all have our own definition of feminism and what it means to us. If anything. We all have different ways of acting on it, if one does at all. We all fight patriarchy in our own individual ways.

Some even superficial, or cliché quotes, this book is rather funny but shows clearly, that there is no one route to feminism and no right way to do it.

Misogyny, the patriarchy, menstruation, the gender pay gap, sexism…

A #MeToo Moment in Denmark

Many of us are privileged of not experiencing any of “reasons to fight against these inequalities”.. What inequalities? Where?

Denmark, the country “where everybody agrees we are very equal” , where “feminism is a bad word”, ranks 14th in the Gender Equality Index of the World Economic Forum.

Recently, Denmark has been awakened to the reality behind the glossy curtain of “ high equality” and vigorous debate about workplace sexual harassment is underway.

More than 1,600 women have signed an open letter claiming the problem is wide-spread in Danish media. Hundreds of others have come forward claiming the sexism and harassment are serious in politics, medical and many other professions.

Denmark, the country on the list for high Gender Equality is admitting “We experienced it too. It happened before. It’s still happening”- presenter Sofie Lindeadresses in an open Letter in Politiken Newspaper.

It is no shame to be a feminist, when you start talking about the issue,like women in Denmark, you’ll find out, there is still a need and reason to fight for equality.

That’s what all the fuss is about.

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